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  • trategic Talent Management Secrets - Creating a Top Talent Focused Organization

Setting up a Top Talent Focused Organization

Our business world today is increasingly competitive and global. Attracting and keeping talented people is the key to like a successful company, law or accountants. Organizations are increasingly challenged to recruit top talent and improve the company culture and environment.


People want meaning and purpose of their work. Assuring an incredible fit between a staff member and his/her employer is important for to get happy. The correct fit boosts the chance of full engagement. But how should leaders design organizations to make sure that talent is the most important?

I simply finished reading a seminal book by Ed Lawler Talent - Making People Your Competitive Advantage. Ed Lawler is director from the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of California (USC). Talent comes with a remarkable blueprint that clearly maps out an understandable procedure for organizing and leading an organization dedicated to talent. The book is practical incorporating case examples that produce a number of the learning and lessons come alive. The book pays special care about:

o Leadership

o Performance Evaluation

o Managing Change

o Reinventing Human Resources

o Corporate Boards

o Strategic Talent Management

I came across especially fascinating the outlining of the Star Model which identifies the characteristics that assist create an organization focused on human capital. Human capital focused organizations must be called locations that value and also be inspiring leaders. The Star Model starts off with strategy. Strategy defines which products, services, and markets a business will target and just how it is going to compete Determining the best competencies and capabilities is core to strategy execution.

In the center from the Star Model is identity. Identity is differentiated from culture. Culture is defined as the interior values and norms of an organization that defines how situations are done and what is important. On the other hand, identity is identified as the fundamental personality in the organization with regards to the actual way it treats people, just what it values, just what the optimal way to complete the situation is, along with what are acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

  • alent is a superb source of leaders which pick which strategic talent management approach meets their business. The alternatives really are a full engagement approach that has long-term employee relationships as being a goal or a global-competitor approach and then there is often a constant requirement of new talent and technological capability.

Are you currently a pacesetter which has a mindset enthusiastic about talent. Reading and implementing many of the key strategies described in Talent might be your ticket to success